WeldTrainer (Virtual Reality)

Our course site trains according to the latest guidelines and uses the most advanced methods. We offer our customers the ability to weld in a virtual environment (virtual reality) to train.

The Welding Course facility SK Mönchengladbach GmbH is the first training site in the Federal Republic of Germany which can offer this service to it´s customers.

This is another example of the capabilities of our company.

Spectral Analysis

With the aid of a spark probe an electric discharge is generated on the surface of the material to be analyzed. Here, smallest particles of the surface are brought into the gaseous state and the atoms of the elements present in the material radiate light in their typical wavelengths when returning to their normal state.

The evaluation is performed by our specially trained staff to provide further information on the present material.

Especially in times of globalization, spectral analysis can be used for a company's ability to be extremely important to have materials with and without melting analysis undergo an independent testing in-house.


The Welding Course facility SK Mönchengladbach GmbH has an ultra-modern, digital X-ray equipment for welding materials and samples to be analyzed right in our institute. The radiographic examination allows our qualified and certified staff to find the smallest irregularities in material and welds. We are available as a partner to you in avoiding errors on welds and constructions.

Think of us as your external quality assurance.