The courses are conducted in full-time education and part-time courses (evening classes). We also carry out practical and theoretical training and instruction of employees in place at the premises. This offer is interesting for companies, which due to their production line do not need certified welders, but have to deal with welding, such as the areas of engineering, tooling, and maintenance.

Do you have needs in the qualification of your welding personnel and quality assurance documentation in your business?


We are prepared for your requests according to DIN EN 1090 (formerly DIN 18800 part 7) and provide support in the field of the welding of components and structures made of steel and aluminum. Together with our highly qualified professionals we face your problems and inform you about the vast potential of our course site.

New and repeated examination

The respective examination is held by an Supervisor of DVS-PersZert.

This personnel certification body of the DVS provides the education and training in terms of the DVS-examination regulations. A quality manual requires the facility to comply with Welding Course appropriate rules and procedures, in particular with the standards and guidelines for welding courses of DVS.

Material Analysis

The Welding Course facility SK Mönchengladbach GmbH offers a wide range of services to industry and trade.

A service that acquires constantly in importance in times of international commercial relations is the field of materials analysis. Our experts will review your materials on a sample directly in our site or at your place. We are capable of using the spectral analysis to analyze steel materials, stainless steel and aluminum, and check for the desired characteristics.

We also offer services related to dye penetrant and magnetic crack testing, our certified staff perform them directly at your company site.